So excited to be back with another great interview for our series for Americanah. If you missed the first two interviews in the series (and the explanation of the Lemonade Syllabus project, see these two posts– first and second)

Antoinette Scully




Today, I’m lucky enough to hear from the awesome blogger behind Black and Bookish, where she focuses on black culture in fiction and non-fiction, and she shares the reasoning behind her blog in her post “What Made Me Go ‘All Black‘”

Below are her responses to the interview. Make sure to check out her blog, as well as follow her on Twitter (@amariescully) and of course, Litsy (@BlackandBookish).


1. How did you get into blogging?
I sort of fell into it a few years ago just to try. I didn’t have anything compelling to talk about, so I would start a new blog, and then leave it. I tried to keep up with blogging about motherhood when my oldest was born in 2011, but actually being a mother made that difficult for me. My current blog is the longest running blog I have had and I love updating it. 
2. What are your favorite kinds of topic to tackle?
I love philosophy. It’s the why we think the way we think questions that I like to find answers to. Sometimes the answers are there. Sometimes they are not. But it always helps us grow more when we aren’t afraid to ask those big questions. 
3. What post are you most proud of, and why?
I thought this would be easy to answer but I don’t know. Black and Bookish is less than a year old, and I’m still trying to find my voice. Reviews of local authors have been the most well received. I think I’m most proud of whatever is the most recent post since I know I’m still doing this. 
4. Who are your favorite blogs to follow?
My favorite book blog is African Book Addict. Her thoughtfulness and tone are welcoming. My favorite non-book blog is Simple Homeschool. I’m a homeschooling parent and I love all the different ideas that come out of this blog. Many different contributors and ways to really be good to your homeschooling family. 
5. What’s the weirdest/best/worst reaction you’ve had with a follower?
I love to review indie authors so the best reactions are reading the joy the feel about my review of their books. One author added my review to her own blog so I was really touched by that. 
6. Best book you’ve read this year?
Invisible Man, Got the Whole World Watching gave me my first book hangover in a very long time. I finished reading it the night Alton Sterling died, so it was even more poignant. It was the best because Mychal Denzel Smith said all the things we needed to be said about the black community and I connected completely to his writing and message.  
7. Favorite track on Lemonade.
It’s probably Formation. Sometimes it’s Freedom. These songs just release a passion in me that rocks me to my core. It feels like someone thanking me for my hard work and pushing me to be better all at the same time. This whole album is amazing, of course. 
Thank you, Antoinette! If you’d like to be featured for the blogger interview series (running through Oct. 15), let me know! Message me on Twitter (@rmckennyisu) or Litsy (@rachelm)