Rachel’s short stories, nonfiction essays, and humor pieces have appeared in several literary journals and collections. A recent selection:


“Letdown”, Literary Mama

“Things About Nice Houses with Gardens”, Knee-Jerk Magazine

“Pride”, 101 Words

“Riding the Bus”,  The Way We Sleep

Mirror Game“, Sandy River Review

“Grapefruit”, Cotton Xenomorph _*nominated for Wigleaf’s Top 50 Short Fiction of the Year


“Six Authors in Search of a Character”, Split Lip Magazine, Print Vol. 2

“What Your Favorite Protest Craft Supply Says About You”, Little Old Lady Comedy

“Crafty Handouts for your Next Airplane Trip”, The Higgs-Weldon

Personal Essays and Nonfiction

“Shout out to Moms in Cluster-Feeding Hell”, Scary Mommy

“What Wonder Woman Meant to her Earliest Fans”, Electric Lit

“The Election and the Ash Borer”, The Rumpus

“For Crying Out Loud”, US Catholic

“What Reading MAID Taught Me about My Financial Privilege,” Electric Lit

“Bookish Resolutions for the New Year”, Women Writers, Women’s Books

“Litsy: Connect to Readers as a Reader”, Women Writers, Women’s Books

“Unpopular Food Opinions: The Runza”, Cotton Xenomorph

“A Toast to the Furby”, Data Driven Investor

“Faculty Bratitude”, Chronicle of Higher Education

“The Compassion Gap and Mommy Forums” Mothers Always Write

Accessible Lear: Teaching King Lear to Secondary-Education Students


Rachel’s writing about parenting, cooking, and gardening appear on her other blog as well as in local publications.