Selected Recent Publications


“Operational Guide to a Fruit: Subentry, Grapefruit”, HAD

“The Topography of a Heartbeat”, Portland Review

“The Dumpster Game”, X-Ray Lit Mag

“Letdown”, Literary Mama

“Things About Nice Houses with Gardens”, Knee-Jerk Magazine

Mirror Game“, Sandy River Review

“Six Authors in Search of a Character”, Split Lip Magazine, Print Vol. 2 *nominated for Best Small Fictions 2019

“Grapefruit”, Cotton Xenomorph _*nominated for Wigleaf’s Top 50 Short Fiction of the Year 2019


“We are a Picturesque Small Town and We Refuse to be the Setting of your Romantic Comedy”, McSweeney’s Internet Tendency

“Unresolved Questions I have for Mrs. Potts from Beauty and the Beast“, McSweeney’s Internet Tendency

Job Posting for a Baby, The Belladonna

“Memorials to Those We Lost to Parenting”, McSweeney’s Internet Tendency

“Lice Real Estate Listings”, McSweeney’s Internet Tendency

“Editor Notes for Prince Eric’s Wedding Announcement,” The Belladonna

“Updated Privacy Policy from your Children”, McSweeney’s Internet Tendency

“Hi from the Long Story before the Recipe on this Blog,” The Belladonna

“The Little Red Hen Writes Christmas Cards”, 2HoHoHos

“A Next-Level Summer Opportunity You Can Dread from the Pleasure of your Own Home”, The Belladonna

“Literal Evergreen Humor for Literal Evergreens,” Points in Case

School Spirit Week for our actual School Spirit”, Points in Case

“Our Divorce Would Cause a Temporal Rift, Sharon,” Slackjaw

“List: Stellar New Trends in AntiVaxx Party Planning”, Points in Case

“What Your Favorite Protest Craft Supply Says About You”, Little Old Lady Comedy

“Reasons Why You, The Statue of the Lady at the Park, Are My New Best Friend” with Marisa Maciel, The Belladonnas


“Motherhood, Metamorphosis” Catapult

“Who Gets to be Ingenues? What about Big Girls?“, Catapult

“I Got Bangs but it’s Not a Cry for Help” Elle

“Why Voyager is the Only Thing I’m Streaming during a Pandemic”, Star Trek

“We’re Obsessed with the Butterfly Filter”, InStyle

“Why I Use the Fertility Awareness Method for Family Planning”, New York Times Parenting

“Before Covid-19, super lice were my biggest parenting problem. How I miss those simple days,” Washington Post

“Why We Need More Religious Characters in Romance,” Elle

“Take Me Out but Bring Me Back Too”, HAD

“The Election and the Ash Borer”, The Rumpus

“For Crying Out Loud”, US Catholic

“Faculty Bratitude”, Chronicle of Higher Education

“Shout out to Moms in Cluster-Feeding Hell”, Scary Mommy

Interviews, Reviews, Etc

“Midwest Not-Nice”, Electric Lit

“What Wonder Woman Meant to her Earliest Fans”, Electric Lit

Interview with Lyz Lenz for GOD LAND, Electric Lit

Interview with Chloe Clark for COLLECTIVE GRAVITIES, Necessary Fiction

“What Reading MAID Taught Me…” Electric Lit

“Bookish Resolutions for the New Year”, Women Writers, Women’s Books

“Litsy: Connect to Readers as a Reader”, Women Writers, Women’s Books

“The Compassion Gap and Mommy Forums” Mothers Always Write

Interview with Meg Elison for Book of the Unnamed Midwife, Books that Shook Us

Interview with editors of My Body, My Words, Books that Shook Us

“Unpopular Food Opinions: The Runza”, Cotton Xenomorph

“A Toast to the Furby”, Data Driven Investor

Accessible Lear: Teaching King Lear to Secondary-Education Students