Reading Wrap

Total books read this month: 12

Total Books so far this year: 30/105

Best books of the month: Daisy Jones & the Six was incredible and I finally got to read All You Can Ever Know, both highly recommended. If you want something surreal and yet too real, Severance by Ling Ma was an interesting take on the outbreak/end of humanity narrative

Best bookstore of the universe: Powell’s. Got a chance to finally make a pilgrimage and bought wayyyy too many books (on top of the books I bought at the AWP book fair. Whoops).

Powell’s Bookstore ❤

Writing Wrap

Feeling fancy in my first gif ever

Got a chance to attend, volunteer, and read at AWP19 this past weekend. Highlights of the trip included some amazing panels about revision and the novel, amazing readings (biased about the Cotton Xenomorph one, but also highly enjoyed the Split Lip/Indiana Review combo reading), and karaoke with new friends (Alanis forever). I also had some dedicated writing time that helped inform a new project and a requested revision. AWP gets slack from some, but it fed my soul in many ways. I needed time away from normalcy and duty to help refuel and I’m so glad I got the chance.

Amazing to see my name in the new print edition of Split Lip’s mag (vol 2). Even saw it on the shelves at Powell’s! Grab a copy if you have the chance. It’s an amazing issue.

Feeling good about the month ahead!

Life, Etc

Baby got ear tubes this month and that was a game-changer. He’s finally started to sleep through the night and I am, too. I cannot tell you how much more human this makes me feel. Big kids are enjoying the warmer weather and I am, too. Can’t wait to get back into the garden. The earliest shoots of tulips and daffs are popping up– now to rabbit-proof them.

I’ve been walking outside more with the nicer weather– and I’ve downloaded Pokemon Go to make that even more fun. It’s been a fun bonding activity with the big kids to go looking for “animals” to catch.

The header pic was from Portland, with cherry blossoms in bloom. We’re not there yet, but I can see the buds forming on our pear tree and it makes me feel like good things are coming soon for all of us.