ontrackTotal books read this month: 8

Most Fun Book of the Month: I adored Spinning Silver by Naomi Novik in terms of pure compulsive-need-to-read-ness.

Most Necessary Book of the Month: Invisible Man by Ralph Ellison was so hard to read, but so relevant. I wish I would have read it with a group of people, or in a class.

Poetry of the MonthCitizen Illegal by Jose Olivarez. Highly recommended collection from 2018. Shockingly funny and serious in parts. Reading more poetry is a new year’s resolution, so I plan to recommend a manuscript every month.

Reviews Published: I had a chance to review Maid in Electric Lit. I highly recommend the book, and it was a pleasure to talk about the complicated experience I had with it.

Writing Life

Hard at work editing a new project. I had a lightning bolt moment that made me realize how passive my character had been. I’m polishing this fifth (final?) draft, then onto composing a query letter and sending this baby out into the world. My brain has already started to flirt with new ideas, so I’m itching to explore something new.

Life, Etc

This month was full of snow days at home with the kids, so I’ve struggled to find time for myself to write and get much done. There’s been a lot of joy, too. Batches of cookies, storytime cuddles, and lots of playdough time.

Other small joys: reading to cats, meeting my new semester of students, discovering avocado toast (so late to this), hot coffee, hot blankets, audiobooks, Marie-Kondo-ing my drawers, an eight-course date night with the hubs, adult conversations, my son’s first musical performance, beating my personal best at push ups, rediscovering Mario Kart on the Wii, and singing along to the radio.

Hope you have a safe, warm, lovely month ahead.