Reading and Writing Life

Books read this month: Only 3! I have two very close to finished, but it’s been a self-care via comic books kind of month this month, meaning not a lot of “trackable” reading

Books so far this year: 79

As far as writing, been polishing up a novel and have sent it to agent for a look! It’s been my passion project for two years– two years of researching bugs and space and brains and writing the relationships of the people inside. I’ve finished book projects before, but none of them have felt this real to me, so hoping for the best!

My other biggest writing project this month has been practicing to perform at a live story telling event in mid-October. If you know me in IRL, let me know if you want details to come see! It’s 8-10 minutes, no notes, and I’m getting extremely excited to get back on a stage of any kind (something I haven’t done since college).

Life, Etc

This month was a news-filled kick-in-the-pants that dredged up too many memories for me and other people. I don’t think I’ve felt so purpose-filled, helpless, and rage-y at the same time in at least, well, a few years.

Personal life? Going great! Youngest started rolling, big kids are terrible at soccer (but the season is almost over), and we have the house decorated for Halloween already, as of today.

This month in numbers:

Number of teeth that baby now has: 1

Number of apple pies made by the hubs this month: 2 (I’m lucky!)

Number of assignments I have to grade this week: 

5ks ran: 1

Seasons of Orange is the New Black streamed: 3

Trips planned: 3 (even if just in my head and will never happen, still nice stress relief)

Hoping for a better October.