Reading Wrap-Up

Percentage jealous of everyone at Book Expo right now: 1000%

Books finished this month: 8

ARCs finished: 2, and one in progress.

may2018 211.PNGMysteries read: 4! The ARCs were both recommended mysteries. First, Hollywood Homicide by Kellye Garrett, which was a fun second-in-the-series to the has-been actress turned amateur PI theme Garrett has going. Very voicey, very enjoyable. Second, Ruth Ware (an auto-buy author for me) has a new book called The Death of Mrs. Westaway about a mistaken identity, inheritance, and enough twists to tie a thousand bags of bread closed. Worth checking out, for sure.

Audiobooks listened to while feeding baby in middle of the night: Lots… might even be off about my count this month because I haven’t been keeping as careful track. I am grateful for Marissa Meyer’s Lunar Chronicles for keeping me company at three AM. Just enough plot and action, and the prose is straight to the point.

Best of the Month: And then There Were None by Dame Agatha and The Death of Mrs. Westaway

Writing Wrap-Up

In a bout of creative energy and desparation for something adult to do, I finished my edits on my novel during naptimes the first two weeks of the month! I forgot just how

may2018 170.JPG
The snoozer

much newborns sleep (and I’m glad I didn’t wait, because at five weeks old he’s beginni

ng to want to be entertained and stay awake longer). Have already received the first set of beta-comments and will be sorting through them next week, and I’m feeling generally good about where this book is right now. Have to enjoy the good creative energy when you have it!

Wrote and submitted three essays this month. One has been accepted (pending publication at a great venue, can reveal next month) and two being reviewed. It’s nice to work on the shorter stuff while waiting for the next step on the longer.


Life, Etc


Baby birds in the nest outside: 4

Ball games attended: 2 (with more on the way)

Bugs swatted: 20,000

Average steps/day: 3,500 (will work back up to 10,000 eventually!)

Number of days that went too quickly this month: 31

Pairs of new pairs of glasses (first time in five years): 1

may2018 300

(They’re very Velma, I think. I’m a fan)