Reading Wrap-Up

Total books read this month: 14

ARCs read this month: 3 (including this one)

NonfictionEducated by Tara Westover and The Secret History of Wonder Woman by Jill Lepore (loved them both)

Best of the MonthMaine by J. Courtney Sullivan and Educated by Tara Westover. Both were about complex families. Beautiful writing for both.

Side note: Saw Ready Player One yesterday and thought it was nothing like the book– almost literally no plot overlapped, especially in the fun, kitschy 80s pop culture. I went to see it originally because I couldn’t picture how they would transfer it to screen… and in my mind, they didn’t. So “the book was better” lives on, at least in my mind. Any movies that you thought were better than the books?

Writing Wrap-Up

I’ve been editing a new WIP and making some headway. I’m more than halfway through this second draft and hoping to get it polished enough to send to beta readers soon.  I’m feeling a little overwhelmed between work and family life right now, but hopefully with some extra focus I can get it polished soon.

The draft is fun– a retelling– and more of a rom-com than anything I’ve attempted before. The only problem is I feel like I have to come to the page a bit more playful than I have in the past, so frame of mind is everything.

Have you had any projects you had to get in a “fun” frame of mind to work on? How did you get yourself there reliably? I’d love some tips.


Life, Etc

The month in numbers

Family vacations taken: 1

Adorable koalas seen on said vacations: 10

Days until our family grows by one member: about thirty

Things I have to do before due date: about thirty million

Practice contractions which have taken my breath away and scared my productivity-loving heart in the past week: 10

Here’s hoping things don’t get too exciting in the next month….