Alright, friends. I’m back from my break with the internet and staying accountable with the goals I set, which were:

  1. Stay off of social media until Saturday this week: check
  2. Write 15,000 words of NaNo project from 11/16-11/24: almost, but not quite. broke the 12k mark and over 40k total on the novel!
  3. Grade 30 research papers: check!
  4. Finish reading An Indigenous Peoples’ History of the United States before Litsy Feminist Bookclub’s discussion on 11/25: So close, but yet so far. About 80 pages left and the discussion starts today. I’m ready for today’s question and should be finished before tomorrow’s. Phew.
  5. Eat, drink, and be merry with family: check, check, and check. Made my famous cranberry relish to accompany the traditional turkey and tried out a new dressing this year (I discovered too much sausage is a thing, apparently.) Good pie, great company, and lots of playtime with the kids
nano as of 11-25
progress as of 11/24 (haven’t written today yet)

I can feel the NaNo goal in sight and it feels very attainable. My goal after that is to push through December and finish the full first draft (really, it’s a draft zero for how messy it is) before the end of the year. Hints on the theme: on the side I’m reading books on Renaissance astrology and tarot cards, as well as boning up on my Shakespeare.  I’m having fun– I think I get why people do this. 🙂

Those NaNoing, whether you’re close to your goal or not, best of luck in this last week!