Reading Life

Books read in May: 15

Books for Asian/Pacific American Heritage Month: 3

ARCs read/reviewed this month: 4

Letters Left for ABC Reading Challenge:  3 (Q, X, Z). Still open to recommendations for books with titles that start with those letters! Post in the comments if you have some good ones.

Books that made me so mad I wanted to throw them across the room but had to finish them for a book club anyway: 1

Best of the Month: Pachinko by Min Jin Lee, How to Survive a Summer by Nick White, and Everything I Never Told you by Celeste Ng

This was my best reading month of the year so far, and also the first month I haven’t been teaching all year— I would call that correlation with a clear causation.

Writing Life

I’m in the midst of a big revision on my new project and feeling good about it.

Status: revised 228/290 pages currently. On Twitter hiatus until complete.

Goal: finish revision before June 9 to send to a new set of betas

Life, Etc.

Radishes picked this month: 15

Hours of sod-digging to plant a sunflower border in my yard: 6

Hours spent teaching Goose to ride a bike: Just one. We started yesterday.

Birthday gifts received by Moose and Goose: Approximately 80 billion

Thank You cards sent out “by” Moose and Goose without them putting stickers all over: 0

Number of tokens from Goose’s new game assumed to be swallowed by Moose, who is two:  1

X-Rays taken: 1

Tokens seen in x-rays: 0 (thank God.)

It’s been an exciting month, in good ways and bad. I’d be okay if June were a BIT less exciting.

Love from here, and don’t swallow anything that might land you in the hospital.