Mother’s Day

#RobinWatch2017 has reached its halfway point. The robins on our porch finally hatched, and the past week my kids and I have peeked into the nest every day to see the changes. This video is the robin babies at just a few hours old, peep-peeping away. They’re much cuter now with fuller feathers and more defined beaks. In a few days, I’m sure we’ll see their hungry mouths gape over the top of the nest and a week after that, off they’ll leave behind an empty pile of sticks.

So often, I feel like motherhood gets bogged down with guilt and expectations. I ran across a Facebook post this week about the “aquarium cookie” which includes discs of jolly rancher melted on each side to allow sprinkles to shake inside. I can just imagine some over-worked parent trying to cook up three dozen for a PTO bake sale on a Thursday night. Those cookies would not bring me joy, nor, I think, would they be tasty to eat (can you imagine trying to chew through two layers of melted jolly rancher?) But they look nice.

Other people’s parenthood often looks so neat compared to our own. Social media posts don’t usually include the temper tantrums, failed homework assignments, sibling punches, miscarriages, sick parents, worries about your kid’s friends, or bullying. Pinterest doesn’t have a setting for “been there”, only “want that.”

I wouldn’t say I want to emulate robin parenthood. I’d rather bake aquarium cookies than regurgitate worms. Still, there’s something to be said about just sitting with your brood and enjoying watching their feathers come in that can’t be beat.

Happy Mother’s Day to women who are, hope to be, or act as mothers.

Calvin and Hobbes, Bill Watterson 1990

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