April Wrap-Up

Reading Life:

  • Books finished: 11
  • Best of the Month: The Girl with All the GiftsLincoln in the Bardo, March trilogy
  • Times sobbed during Lincoln in the Bardo : Six, which was not as many as watching A Man Called Ove with my husband
  • ARCs: 4 (Make sure to check out The Hideaway and Stars over Clear Lake)
  • Books bailed on: 2
  • Book club meetings: 2
  • Times read Curious George Goes to the Beach: seventy kajillion

Writing Life:

  • Edit letters received: 1
  • Days spent staring at edit letters before getting back to work: 4
  • Percentage better that work-in-progress will be with edit letter in mind: 110%
  • Pages edited: 80/260
  • Books about entomology read to improve work-in-progress: 2, with 2 more on the docket

Life Etc.:

  • Bad haircuts received: 1
  • Garden status: potatoes, peas, turnips, and onions in the ground; basil in a pot inside
  • Packages of Twizzlers eaten entirely by myself: 1
  • Number of eardrums ruptured in my household this month: 1
  • Song currently stuck in my head: Big Yellow Taxi by Joni Mitchell, because, of course, Joni Mitchell

All the best from here.

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