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Random Lines Poem

Thanks to all that contributed! I put all of the individual lines into a list randomizer, took the first item on the randomized list as the title, and added stanza breaks. Behold, our Frankensteinian creation and happy National Poetry Month!


“Must this story be retold?”

But when we forgot coffee, we lost ourselves.
I’ll only eat BK and wear Reebok shoes.
There’s nothing I want more than to be like you.
(You were, the past tense.
Even been askin’ Phil Jackson how I can improve.
My lips don’t get dry thinking about you.
I am, the present tense.)

My lifeless body lies in a pool of blood–
Living the dream being 7 feet 2.
I’m sorry if things are tense but
Cling to me–

The animals breathe as one.
I take that answer graciously
like a wet swimsuit.

For now, you are my phantom
and I don’t shave my legs for you.
If all that glitters isn’t gold,
you say our love can never be.
But it always comes down to wordplay with you.



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