1. I’m at ten books read so far this year, and those ten have already dragged me through the dirt a bit. The Sellout made me gasp–the audiobook is worth every penny. We Eat Our Own by Kea Wilson was a stunning debut; her prose sings. Just finished The Fifth Season for Litsy Feminist Bookclub and it may be the best fantasy novel I’ve ever read. Pick yourself up a copy, if you haven’t yet. (our discussions begin mid-February! Still time to join!)
  2. My ten fingernails still have dirt under them. I’ve been digging around in my new succulent containers and the smell of potting soil makes me wish it were May already.
  3. I walked nearly ten-thousand steps today, and half of those were snow-shoveling. When I pulled into my driveway after a long day, I noticed the wind undid my work, but at least the steps remained.
  4. I graded ten papers today. Usually I grade in purple pen, but I’m out, so it’s old-school red here and it rubbed off on my fingertips.
  5. I’ve got ten unpublished drafts sitting in my blog-history. Abandoned half-thoughts that might get developed eventually.

At least this prompt got me to finish– although I started it as ten-tens. Another ten is here, and this one means I need to brush my teeth and get to bed.

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