Social media is half most people’s social lives. 65% of Americans use social media in 2015 versus just 7% ten years ago.  Likes, followers, retweets, and blog entries are so important to us that it’s easy to take them for granted. National Social Media day is June 30, so here are six ways to celebrate that crazy, duck-faced, trending world we live in:

  • Post a selfie of yourself on social media, using social media

Totally meta, like one of those looking at yourself in a mirror while looking in a mirror, things.

  • Boost a new social media platform

Join and post about a breakout app that’s connecting people. Get at least one friend to join and review it on the app store. This is how new platforms get traction!

My recent favorite is Litsy– a hybrid of Instagram and Goodreads. It’s fab.

  • Write an obit for your favorite social media outlet that’s passed on.

Xanga, we hardly knew ye.

  • Do a social media fast.

Going without something makes you realize how much space it takes up in your life. Warning: one day without Twitter, Facebook, SnapChat, and Instagram might just be eye-opening for you, but warn your friends you’re doing it or they might think you’ve been kidnapped.

  • Follow someone with completely different views than you.

It’s so easy to live in a social media bubble. For one day, follow someone who takes the opposite view in politics, likes that musician you hate, or just panned that restaurant that you eat at four times a week.

  • Post to your social media followers how much you adore them.

Only the best gifs will work for today, so bring your A game.