New social media tool for book discovery and review? Instagram meets Goodreads? Yes, please. Litsy is a book ranking and discovery app (for iOS only at this point) which lets you create ongoing discussions about books you’re reading with other users as well as share bookish pictures.

Buttons on top decoded: The list button: your timeline— The open book button: your currently reading shelf — The closed book button: your reviewed books

The buttons allow you to see a timeline of the users whose reviews you follow (the house icon), a notifications lightning bolt, a magnifying glass to search for books to add to your shelves, and a fast action button to add a blurb, review, or quote.


I’ve had the app for, oh, three days? So far, I love it. Going to the page of a book you’re reading and seeing cool pictures, quotes, and status updates all in a single timeline really adds to the fun of reading a book (especially if you’re trying to read Infinite Jest for the first time like I am— and a lot of other people, I discovered!) The blurb and quote feature are much more stylized and in focus than on Goodreads and you can create Instagram-like pictures to go along with them, including frames and filters and all of that fun nonsense.

And really, all that extra noise is a bit of nonsense, as fun as it is. The main point of this app is the connection between users and the incentive to help other readers find good books and to read as much good literature as you can. This number is gamified into a Litfluence total. This total starts at the number 42 (thank you Douglas Adams fans who get the reference and thank you to Litsy for the homage– side note that it is #TowelDay.)

My biggest complaints so far about the app:

  1. No tags. If you’re looking for suggestions for #scifi or #debut or want to read some #ARC reviews, no such luck– you’ve got to know what you’re looking for.
  2. No way (yet) to import your Goodreads reviews (I swear I’ve read more than 26 books…)

Otherwise, it’s good fun. If you’re on there, find me and I’d love to see the reviews you’ve added so far. User name: rachelm. You can leave yours in the comments if you want to connect with others!